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About Us

‘Lockdown’, ‘Quarantine’, ‘Isolate’, ‘Hands, Face, Space’, ‘Bubble’, ‘Work from Home’, ‘Track and Trace’, ‘Zoom’ …. and of course: ‘COVID-19’.

The year 2020 has been a ‘coronacoaster’! Amidst the ups and downs, the loops and the sudden drops, the new and bizarre vocabulary that we have created certainly reflects the chaos of 2020.

But there is one thing we know for certain on this precarious journey: our lives have been radically changed during this pandemic. This ‘coronacoaster’ has impacted every sphere of our lives- whether it be our social, working, or daily habits.

In light of this, our company: ‘New Normal UK’ is here to help you keep safe and adjust to these extraordinary times! We are a student-run company at MTS participating in the Young Enterprise programme.

We are currently selling a wide array of products including clip on pouches with a graffiti design, multi-coloured sanitiser wrist bands and ‘make your own’ sanitiser (in partnership with ‘Aviair’). Our products are both designed to be reminiscent of 2020 and to make your adjustment to this ‘new normal’ just that much easier.


Our Products

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All Purpose Pouch

Our new normal neoprene pouch is prefect for carrying all your essentials. Ever been out and realised that you have forgotten your mask or don't have any cash handy? With our pouch this will no longer be a problem. It has a large volume and is able to store everyday items such as cash, keys, a mask or a hand sanitiser bottle (of course this wouldn't be a problem if you have our hand sanitiser wristband). Use it for anything! The handy clip on the side allows it to be attached to anything whether it be a bag, keyring, or a belt.

Size: 12cm x 9cm x 2cm

This product costs: £6.99

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Hand Sanitizer Wristband

This is our wristband, which contains sanitizer for the go. This can be worn on either side of your hand so the liquid comes out onto the back or palm of your hand. This includes a empty sanitizer bottle with a funnel to fill up your wristband. The wristband has an adjustable band for different sizes of wrists. 

Size: 25cm x 2cm

This product cots: £4.99

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Aviair PureSense

The Aviair PureSense is the main product of the Aviair Pure range and uses electrolysis to turn two simple ingredients (water and salt) into a sanitiser effective at killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Through a process of electrolysis, regular salt and tap water are mixed to create a natural disinfectant. With this machine it is easy and simple to make your own hand sanitiser at home. All you need is 1 gram of salt and 400ml of tap water and the sanitizing solution will be ready for use within 10 minutes.  

Aviair PureSense: £99

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Aviair PureEco

Aviair PureEco: £65

For a more affordable option, Aviair PureEco provides the same technology but in a smaller size and without some of the features, such as wireless base.


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Aviair Travo Pur

Aviair Travo Pur is your own personal portable air purifier. Worn on a lanyard around your neck it emits 28 million harmless negative ions into the air around your head which cling on to harmful pollutant particles in the air around you. For example, it clings onto small dust particles, smoke, allergens, germs and other such particles which then fall out of your breathing space. It reduces pollutants in the air around you by up to 86%. 

This is the perfect product for relieving allergy discomfort, creating a cleaner breathing zone in public places and purifying the air around you while on public transport. With a battery life of 144 hours or more it is easy to use and can be quickly recharged by the included USB charging cable in just 3 hours.

Aviair Travo Pur: £99


Our new bundle, which includes both our All Purpose Pouch and our Sanitizer Wristband comes in at the price of £9.99.

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